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Landscape Construction -

Design and Build


"The design and build aspect of landscaping is my true passion. The moment I get to a perspective client's property my mind somehow sees the potential and ideas start flowing..."


                        Robert Mortillo, President – Scapes Landscaping Inc.



The key to developing a successful design is to understand a client’s goals, expectations, and personal preferences.  Matching this information with the property’s characteristics is the first step in formulating our landscaping ideas.


After a preliminary budget has been discussed, the property dimensions and pictures will be taken.  If the client is open to ideas, our Landscape Designers can provide three or more basic landscape concepts to the client.

These ideas will be based on the low, middle, and high end of our agreed budget. 

When a concept has been agreed upon, a refined landscape plan and will be provided to the client for final approvals.  Our designer can incorporate landscape imaging if required.

Some of our best work develops through client participation.  We encourage our clients to get involved.


            Contact us now to start the design process for your home or property!

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