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Residential Maintenance

Scapes Landscaping started with the residential market.  Servicing these clients shaped Scapes Landscaping into what it is today.

We love what we do and have transferred this belief and feeling to all my employees.  We work really well as a team and stay abreast of any issues on a property to avoid larger problems down the road.



All employees are trained to speak up and say something if they feel there is something wrong that needs to be addressed.  We are not the cut, blow and go type grass cutters that have started to roam our neighborhoods.

When you make contact with us we would set up an appointment with you at your convenience.  After reviewing your property we would set up a plan of action and a non-binding service agreement that would suit your needs.

Our service agreements cover all the phases of landscape maintenance. 

We set the service agreements up in an a la carte format.  Quite literally you pick and choose what is best for you and the services you require.  You would only be invoiced for service performed during that month.

It is that simple.

We offer Maintenance services for all clientele. 

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