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Not everyone requires fertilization, but for the clientele that do, We list below our normal yearly Application Plans.

Fertilization: (Per request only)

Scapes Landscaping Inc. provides a comprehensive fertilization plan.  Scapes Landscaping Inc. uses organic fertilizers as well as man-made fertilizers to enrich a property’s lawn, shrubs, and trees. 


Our normal fertilization plan is as follows:

Turf Treatment:

First Application: Early Spring fertilizer / Pre-emergence crab grass and weed control

Second Application: Late Spring slow release fertilizer / Post-emergence broad leaf weed control

Third Application: Summer slow release fertilizer and grub control

Forth Application: Late Summer / Early Fall slow release fertilizer / Post-emergence broad leaf weed control

Fifth Application: Fall slow release, dormant fertilizer (Provides nutrient saturation during winter months.  This establishes a fertile ground for the next Spring Season growth.)

Lime Application: Pelletized Lime (Reduces “Drift,” Stabilizes acidity in soil to prevent moss growth.)

Please Note: Additional fertilization, weed, or pest applications and their related cost may be necessary if unforeseen conditions emerge.  (Additional costs apply)



Shrub and Small Ornamental Tree Treatment: (Per request only)

Different shrubs and small trees require fertilization, horticulture oils, and pesticide treatments at different times of the year.  Treatment depends on your landscape plant selection and any pests or disease that they may have.  Shrubs, ornamental trees and larger shade trees should be part of a cohesive strategy called Integrated Pest Management (IPM.)  IPM programs often use pesticides, but the emphasis is put on keeping pests at low levels through the use of other pest control strategies so that pesticides are used less often, and serious pest problems are prevented.  Before any treatment is performed a diagnosis must be made.  Only then can an effective control be implemented.  In an effort to keep costs down, this service is only offered as an individually billed item.

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A full explanation of service is stated in the below Links:

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