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When we visit you property for the first time in the Spring these are the key services we provide:

Spring Cleanup: 

  • Pickup (Blow / Sweep) all leaves, twigs, sand and any other debris on the driveway.

  • Pickup (Blow / Sweep / Rake) all leaves, twigs, dead grass, and any other debris on the lawn and shrub beds.

  • Edge all walkways that have grass as a border.

  • Edge all flower and shrub beds accordingly.

  • Prepare flowerbeds for first planting.

  • Weed out unsightly under growth in shrub beds.

  • Cut and Prune all shrubs and small trees appropriately. (Pruning to be performed seasonally according to recommended pruning time and techniques.)

  • Search for undetected turf problems (Bugs / Diseases.)

(Per Request Spring Cleanup Services)

  • Remove dead or unsightly plants.  (We will replant any small shrubs that have died.  If necessary, large scale plant rip-out and replacement will require its own contracted price.  Replanting will only commence after discussion with you and after approval for any additional costs that will occur if replacement is necessary.)

  • Hydro-seed all balding turf areas. (Per request only, call for price quote.)

Weekly Service: (Last Week of April through the first week of October)

  • Cut and trim all lawn areas (Cutting height may vary during season due to weather conditions.)

  • Blow natural debris and clippings from sidewalks and driveways.

  • Pickup and man-made debris and garbage.

A full explanation of service is stated in these Links:

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